Repatriation Insurance

When travelling, you don’t want to think about anything tragic happening, but if it does, the facts are the cost to return a deceased person home from most parts of the world, can be astronomical. As well, dealing with foreign governments and their rules and regulations can be time-consuming and confusing.

We are offering our Repatriation Insurance to eliminate these worries. A one-time payment of $525.00 will cover you for a lifetime of travel for $100,000 in coverage. This option will cover additional hotel or airline costs, transfers, preparations and other administrative costs. As well, it will cover any hotel and travel expenses for next of kin if they need to travel to the destination to oversee arrangements.

Repatriation insurance also covers you whenever you’re 100 kms from the city. It’s not only ideal for the world traveller, but every cottage owner in our community.Your information is stored with a Canadian, Toronto-based registry that will advise Bedford of the situation and the rest will be taken care of. Talk to one of our Directors about this valuable safety net for you and your traveling companion.