Morley Bedford Funeral Service

What will I need to know?
How do I proceed?

Whether a death is sudden or anticipated, it is helpful to be prepared and know what you need to do and where you can turn for assistance.

In this section we explain how to proceed in various circumstances and how easy it can be to create a plan for the benefit of the survivors.

When Death Occurs:

Step 1

  • If the family or representative are not present at time of death, they will be notified by the hospital or nursing home.
  • Contact Bedford Funeral Services to arrange for the transfer to our funeral home.
  • We can only proceed with our transfer services from the place of death once a doctor has prepared the Medical Certificate of Death.
  • We provide a 24-hour transfer service because in many cases transfer requires immediate attention. One call to us is all that is required. Simply phone (416) 489-8733. Your call will be answered any time day or night.

    If death occurs in a Hospital

  • The deceased is transferred to a hospital morgue facility.
  • Contact Bedford to inform us of death and to authorize the transfer from the hospital to our funeral home.

    If death occurs in a Nursing Home, Retirement Home or Hospice

  • Transfer of the deceased requires immediate attention once a pronouncement of death has been made.
  • There are circumstances when a family has arranged for the nursing home to notify Bedford directly to perform the required transfer service.
  • We will not proceed with any of the cremation or burial services until there has been authorization provided by the family or representative. (see Step 2)

    If death occurs at home, who do you contact ?

  • If family contacts 911, it is the obligation of emergency services to dispatch ambulance, fire and police services.
  • An option to avoid a 911 call is to contact your palliative care support or emergency number directly (if applicable), or ask your family doctor to provide an emergency medical service support number.

    Step 2

    Arrange services with Morley Bedford

  • A family member or authorized representative contacts Morley Bedford.
  • Funeral arrangements can be made in person at our funeral home, in one’s own home, or by telephone, email and fax.

    “One Stop” Arrangement

  • Bedford will oversee the arranging and co-ordination of all services. Be it a cremation without a formal service, a Bedford Gathering or a full traditional funeral service, one of our Directors will take care of all the details for you.
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