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There are many ways we can help you create a more earth-friendly funeral or service. We offer a selection of Enviro Caskets, which were created for just such a purpose. They are crafted entirely of beautiful, natural hardwood with wooden handles and hinges and stained with an all-natural water base finish. Many clients choose to dispense with or greatly reduce the size of the vehicular procession to the final resting place, while still others decline the use of a concrete vault into which a casket is placed at the burial site.

Feel free to contact one of our Directors to discuss others ways to make your final wishes as green as possible.

Green Enterprise Toronto
Bedford Funeral Services is a proud member of Green Enterprise Toronto (GET), working to strengthen the resilience of communities, environments and economies in the Toronto region through support of the independent business sector and public education.

Bedford Funeral Services is pleased to be affiliated with the Cobourg Green Cemetery in Cobourg Ontario. Let nature follow its course.

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