Morley Bedford Funeral Service

Friends and family meet without
formality in our facility.

Today, many people are searching for something that is more respectful than simply complying with the basic legal requirements, yet less formal and structured than a funeral service. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, you may want to consider a Bedford Gathering.

A Gathering creates an opportunity for friends and family to meet without formality, to pay their respects and support one another.


In our warm and intimate surroundings you have the
flexibility to shape your Gathering as you wish. Music, photographs, a eulogist and refreshments are some of
the usual requests, and we are open to your suggestions.

It’s really like having people over to your own home,
without having to deal with all the arrangements and
space issues. We invite you to contact one of our
to find out if a Bedford Gathering is that
middle ground you’re been looking for.

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