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Now that you've decided to record your wishes, let us assure you that our on-line Thinking Ahead process is very straightforward and completely confidential.

Simply fill out the form below and hit the submit button or you may print a copy of the form, complete it and return it to us by mail.

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Contact Information

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Essential Services Only

  burial essential services  Grave purchase and grave opening fees are extra. $4,850
  cremation essential services  Fee at St. James or Evergreen Crematoriums included. $3,250
Cremation oriented casket included in price. If you wish to upgrade, please visit our Casket Gallery.
Will there be access or ownership of a cemetery plot?  yes  no
All CPP registrants are eligible for the CPP Death Benefit of up to $2,500.00 once the proper documentation is complete


  Bedford will co-ordinate and staff a service in any venue $1,125  + facility fee
  No service required
  Leave decision to survivors

Caskets & Urns

Casket selection is required for burial, visitation and/or service.
Moka Veneer $1,735
Edward Poplar $2,875
Winfield Poplar $2,995
Dominion Maple $3,975
Halton Poplar $1,995
Cottage Pine $2,950
Briar Hill Birds Eye Maple $3,650
Dunfield Oak $4,286
Leave decision to my survivors. $0
eco friendly
Natura $1,995
Logica $2,250
Prima $2,875
Temporary Scattering $185
Simplicity Cherry Veneer $325
Aspen Pine $345
Original Oak $425
Lytton Cloisonne $485
The Belmont Oak $425
Original Mahogany $475
Fairmont Cheery $685
Vesta Bronze $905
Journey $195
Reflect $300
Compassion $215

Other Related Costs

  Newspaper - $250 and up
  Visitation at funeral home - 2 hours @ $795
  Reception in Park Room of funeral home - $675 + catering cost


Personal Preferences

The following section allows you to record any thoughts or wishes you may have concerning your final arrangements.
Clergy / Church Affiliation:
Musical Selections:
Favourite Charities:
Other Instructions / Wishes:
You now have the option of registering this information with us at no obligation, or simply keep it for your files. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any questions or optional services that are of interest to you. To register your information, simply submit to us directly using the link below. We will send you a complete summary of your preferences and the associated costs, and a copy will remain on file with us, until the need arises.
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